The Charitable Practices of Marcus Hiles

Charity is an important aspect for CEOs and business executives of all types. Marcus Hiles, a real estate developer, investor and founder of Western Rim Properties, takes charity and philanthropy very seriously. He goes above and beyond with his charitable donations, and includes a variety of different types of organizations within his philanthropy plan every year.

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Funding for Schools When They need it The Most

A longtime resident of Texas, Marcus Hiles takes education very seriously in his home state. He knows that many of the K-12 schools in Texas are underfunded, especially when it comes to after school programs, extra-curricular activities for the students and training for the teachers.

On an annual basis for the past 20 years, Marcus Hiles has created grants for local schools to help fund these much needed programs. He has also provided full financial support to help upgrade schools with new technology, including brand new computers, software and other tools that will help students at all grade levels achieve educational success.

Much of his philanthropic effort also goes to funding inner city charter schools in some of the largest metropolitan areas in Texas.

Job Placement for University Students

As a graduate of one of the top universities in the country, Marcus Hiles knows that it can be difficult to find a decent job right out of college. For this reason alone, he donates a significant amount of money to run a job placement program at a private university in Texas.

This program has helped countless college graduates obtain well paying positions within various organizations at a time when finding the right job can seem nearly impossible.

Grants for every level of education are given out by Marcus Hiles on an annual basis.

Helping Disadvantaged Women across Texas

Along with his charitable educational donations, Marcus Hiles focuses much of his philanthropic work on improving the lives of disadvantaged women across Texas.

His financial contributions go towards programs that provide assistance to women who need job placement assistance, housing assistance or who have been subject to domestic abuse and need medical treatment and private counseling.

Marcus Giles, Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties in 2004. With a portfolio of over 10,000 luxury residential homes, apartments and condominiums, his company continues to grow financially every year, allowing Marcus to expand his philanthropic efforts within his community and across the country.

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